Admission Notice for Class XI - Arts, Science, Commerce

This Announcements was posted on : 11th May, 19

Holy Mission Secondary School
A CBSE Affiliated School, Affiliation No. 330210

Address: Khagaul Road, Danapur, Patna . Ph – 8298676849, 6200593474

Admission Notice : 2019- 2020

For Class XI – Science, Commerce, Arts
Enjoy Merit Scholarship Upto 100% on Admission Fee and 100% on Tuition Fee under the condition of first 60 Admissions:
Marks Obtained
Adm. Fee
Tuition Fee

Above 94%
100% Off
100% Off

Above 90%
100% Off
52% Off

Above 80%
100% Off
50% Off

Above 70%
75% Off
48% Off

The figures of this year Results too are outstanding like all other Previous Years, creating new benchmark in the field of quality education in Patna:
45 of our students have scored above 90%, which is the third best result amongst all Patna Schools.
We have been maintaining ourselves as one of the top 3 schools in Patna since 2014. 
Mayuri of our school has bene declared the 3rd topper of Bihar in 2019.
Eshna Ridhi of 2017 was declared the 2nd topper in Bihar in 2017.
Tushar Vatsal of 2014 was declared 2nd topper of Bihar in 2014 with a whopping 97.8% marks.
Also, worth noting that this outstanding result has been achieved when there is no discrimination at the time of admission on the basis of marks which in itself puts the school in a separate league, altogether.
Maintaining its position at 3rd rank, year on year amidst all CBSE school in the city, is no mean feat. We do not limit our admission seats on the basis of marks since we believe every students deserves the right to equal opportunities of availing quality education. The correct guidance, mentoring and motivation has helped us qualify every year and keep up high standard.
Join us and experience the difference. Learn with the best and achieve your best.

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