The School follows the CBSE guidelines regarding semesterisation of exams.There will be only two semester exmas in september and March,each preceded by Units Tests,Oral Testes,Assignments and projects etc as evaluation parameters.The detailed syllabi and portion for each examination shall be informed to the students.Both academic and non-academic performance shall be taken into account.

  • In case if a student is not present for any particular exam he/she will have to submit a written application to the principal regarding the same and prior permission must be sanctioned.
  • Students who are absent from any particular examination should not be expected to be re-examined.
  • No consideration shall be done in the result once it is announced.
  • The year's record of work consists of the day to written work and an average performance of the non-academic activities.
  • Request for double promotion cannot be considered any circumstances.


  • Minimum 80% attendance is must in order to appear in any examination held in the school.
  • In case if a student is absent continuously for 15 days without any notice he/she will have been considered to have left the school and his/her name shall be stuck off from the roll.
  • Re-admission will then be granted only in case of available seats in that class on repayment of Re-admission Fee.

Rule for Shortage Attendance

In case the attendance of a student fall short,the shortage may then be considered on the basis of verification of record and satisfaction of principal.

  • On the basis of submission of a medical certificate in case of prolonged illness by a Registered Practtioner.
  • Loss of Mother/Father or any such incident leading to special consideration.
  • Any Matter of serious consequence as the principal may deem fit after in-depth consideration.
  • Participation in sponsered tournaments and sports meet of not less than inter-school or at NCC/NSS Campus including days of journey for such participation for which prior permission must be sought from the principal.