The pride of the school lies in a team of qualified,experienced and innovative teaching staff ably supported by a remarkable group of dedicated and efficient non-teaching staff.New techniques of teaching are made use of.There is free flow of communication between the teachers and the students.Teachers aim at developing new ways to make the overall experience of learning a fun-filled exercise.Based on the C.B.S.E norms the school has adopted a scientific and crystal clear evaluation system.

Courses Offered

The School is affiliated to CBSE,DELHI up to 10+2 level.

Thus the syllabus prescribed by CBSE an the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is followed to enable the students to appear for All India Secondary school Examination conducted by CBSE Board,Delhi.


Subject Taught

The Following Subjects are taught in the school

English Hindi
Mathematics Physical Education
Science(Phy.Che.Bio) Music
Social Science(His.Civ.Geo,Eco) Socially useful productive work
Moral Science Sanskrit
computer science Environmental studies

Fee & other Charges

  1. This School tution fee is payable for the twelve months(monthly/bi-monthly or quarterly as the case might be) and should be paid by 7th of every month,failing which a fine amount will be levied for late payment or non-payment.
  1. In case if fee is overdue a student is likely to be barred from the examination and shall be liable to have their names stuck off the rolls if due is not paid on time .Re-admission will be done on the payment of arrears and fresh re-admission fee shall be charged.All dues must must be paid before each term exam however early in the month it might be.
  • All dues must be paid before the commencement of vacations else a fine shall be applicable.
  • Fee for computer Education shall be charged separately.
  • No reduction will be made for holidays or broken periods.
  • Students are liable to be charged full fee as long as their names are officially on the rolls or written application submitted to the principal duly signed by the parents.
  • Payment by cheque shall not be acceptable.
  • School Transport Facility,If made use of shall be separately charged.