XIth Students

Eligibility for XIth Students


The course is open to all boys and girl who have sucessfully completed the All india Secondary School Examination (A.I.S.S.E) conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E) or the Indian Certificate of secondary Education (I.C.S.E) conducted by the council for the I.sc Examination or any other equivalent course offered by the state Board.

Admission To Standard XI

Admission to std XI:

  1. Since admission to std XI is designed to be selective in the government's Scheme of education ,mere sucessful completion of std X Board examination will not be a gurantee for admission to std XI of the plus 2 course in school.
  2. The School's norm of selection depends on the following:
  • High academic performance of std X Examination,aptitude entrance test and sent Up Examination as per course of his/her study.
  • Consistent high academic performance and regularly in attendance.
  • The candidate's demeanour ,conduct,character throughout her tenure with the school should reflect that she has benefited from the character formation offered by the school and that she has maintained a consistent high level of discipline as required by the school Authorities.if the candidate does not stand up to the expectation of the school then the candidate shall not be given admission.
  • Mere academic performance cannot be the sole deciding factor in securing admission .The principal and the Management of the school is final arbitrator in this regard and the decision they take is final and binding.

In Case of C.B.S.E students,againts the backdrop of the newly introduced nine-point grading system in its class 10 examinations,the central board of secondary Education(CBSE) has issued a set of guidelines to schools affliated to it to be followed for admissions to standard 11.In a circular issued,the CBSE suggested the determination of inter-se merit of candidates,based on the calculation of indicative percentage of marks,for the preparation of the admission list.

         The indicative percentage of marks obtained by a candidate can be determined by multiplying the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) by 9.5 similarly,subject-wise      indicative percentage of marks cab be determined by multiplying the grade point (GP) for that subject by 9.5.

Those who get Qualifying Certificates shall be eligible for admission in Higher classes.

         The admission cab be based on CGPA (overall indicative percentage of marks) and subject wise GP (Subject wise indicative percentage of marks) as announced by the school at the time of admission.

         The following document must be submitted along with the completed Registration form required at the time of registration:

  1. Std X Examination Marks Sheet (copy)
  2. Transfer Certificate (Original)
  3. Migration Certificate (Original) in case of any other Board.
  4. Admit card of std X (copy)
  5. Photographs 5 Pc. B/W
  6. Character Certificate (original)
  7. 2 Blank Envelope with Rs.5X 10 stamps on each (not to be pated on the envelopes but kept in the envelopes)